Reading this month – March 2019

March 2019 has come and gone. I have worked over half of this month and have finally started to make progress towards my goal weight, after despairing I would never again be able to lose weight. March on the Sunshine Coast this year has remained hot and humid, with many asking when the humidity will ease off and the cooler nights and less humid days of Autumn will arrive. With more work and less free time, I have read little this month, finishing one book, reading another and barely starting a third before it needed to be returned to the library. I shall reserve it again and wait in line until it is available, so you can expect to see it again in the future.

This month, I finished reading:

My favourite read this month:

March’s favourite read was Tracey Chevalier’s The Lady and The Unicorn. She brings to life the personalities behind the creation of the world famous medieval tapestries of the same name in a fictional account which is believable and highly readable.

This month, I have chosen not to write a standard book review, but rather have written about my encounter with the tapestries themselves, in Enchanted by The Lady and Her Unicorn.

Anna xo


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