Decluttering fail

Have you been caught up in the latest Marie Kondo-inspired round of decluttering and discovered ‘the joy of tidying up’? Or perhaps you’ve long known the magic a good declutter can bring to your home?

I am a serial declutterer and indulge in regular bouts of tidying areas of my home. So far this year, I have successfully tackled my wardobe(s), kitchen junk drawer, a kitchen cupboard, under the laundry sink, pantry and spice drawer. My shopping ban and move towards becoming a more conscious consumer will hopefully decrease the regularity of such tidying up episodes in future, although I do admit to finding them therapeutic and strangely satisfying.

My home looks tidy most of the time, so I thought I was doing pretty well with decluttering. That was, until today, when I stumbled across this:

“When clutter is truly clear, we should know everything that is in our home. We should know what’s on every shelf, in every drawer, in every closet, in every box. There are no mystery areas.”

Gretchen Rubin

Really? Absolutely NO mystery areas?

So I guess the boxes of toys under the stairs count as clutter, even though they’re tidy and out of sight? Yesterday, I attended a mini writing workshop at my local library. Whilst writing briefly about my favourite childhood toy, my beloved teddy bear, I wondered where he was. I haven’t seen him since we moved. I’m pretty sure he’s in one of the boxes of toys under the stairs, but I can’t be sure without actually checking. They are a bit of a mystery area.

The mystery box in the garage, marked ‘kitchen’, still not opened since we moved into this house almost two years ago must be clutter too, right?

Isn’t it always the way that the further you get, the further you realise you still have to go? C’est la vie.

This is where I am today, and that’s OK.

“Where I am today”

Anna xo

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