Reading This Month – an introduction

As part of my #OEASIMPLIFY19, I’ve decided to watch less TV and read more books. My focus will be on reading for pleasure and personal development, rather than for work and I would like to share what I read here. I do love to read but I warn you now, my selection of books can be somewhat random, based on fickle things like cover illustrations, font size and paper texture. Generally, I read to escape into other worlds, other times and other places. After all, isn’t that what the magic of reading is all about? Although I love analysing and discussing language features in texts as part of an English lesson (I really do and preparing such lessons is indeed one of my favourite things. Sad, but true!), I’m not so keen to look at texts I read at home in quite the same way, so don’t expect any highbrow analysis or deep and meaningful reviews here. It’ll just be a bit of lighthearted fun.

What is ‘Reading This Month’?

Reading This Month – January 2019 (look for it tomorrow) will be the first regular monthly post, mentioning books I’m currently reading, rating ones completed and giving short reviews of favourites. This is not an original idea, so sadly, I can’t claim it as my own. After seeing these ideas on several other blogs (such as the Orang-utan Librarian) and Instagram accounts (like Gretchen Rubin‘s Reading this Week posts), I thought it looked like fun and have decided to borrow and adjust others’ ideas to suit my own needs. The format I’ve chosen, however, is my own. I’ve taken reading suggestions from similar posts in the past and hope my posts might be helpful or at least of interest to others here.

When can I expect to see it?

Reading This Month will be posted towards the end of each month. January, for the purposes of this series, runs from 25 December to 25 January and each subsequent month will follow the same pattern. This way, each month’s post will (hopefully) be live before the completion of the month.

What will it look like?

Each month, there will be three main sections:

  • a photograph of spines of books I’m currently reading
  • a photograph of each book completed that month, with a star rating (out of 5) and one or two sentence teaser/ summary
  • a brief review of my favourite book of the month

Some books may appear for several months before being rated once finally completed. If I don’t complete a book, it won’t receive a rating at all; you can safely assume I didn’t enjoy it. Some months, like now during holidays, I will read several books, whilst I may not even complete one during other months and may not post a review.

How can I join in?

I’d love you to join me. Here’s a few suggestions how:

  • Already read one of the listed books? Share your thoughts.
  • Use featured books as inspiration; read one and share your opinion.
  • Share books you’ve loved for me and others to add to our reading lists.
  • Share photos of what you’re reading on instagram, using #readingthismonth and #12booksin12months and tag me @ordinarilyextraordinaryanna, so I can see it.

Ready to rise to a challenge?

I’d like to challenge you to read a book a month during 2019, for pleasure; that’s 12 books for the year. Maybe you’re thinking, but I’m not a reader. I don’t even like books. Why not give it another go? You might surprise yourself. Visit your local library, new or secondhand bookstore and choose a book you like the look or sound of. Start small and just give it a go. Maybe it’ll take you three months to read a book. So what? The important thing is that you’re reading. Maybe you’ll hate a book. Get another one until you find one you like. Audio books are a great option if you prefer not to ‘read’ or are not a fluent reader or just because. Public libraries offer audio and ebook options if you don’t like lugging real books around.

Your books can be any genre, any length, any topic, just read something for pleasure each month. Please let me know if you decide to take up this challenge. If you haven’t read a book in January, don’t stress, start in February. At the end of each month, starting February, I’ll post a thread on my Facebook page for you to briefly talk about your reading if you choose to. I’ll also encourage comments on what you’re reading on my Instagram #readingthismonth posts. We’ll be a community of readers, connected in cyberspace. Pretty cool, huh?

Stay tuned for Reading this Month – January, coming tomorrow.

Don’t forget to let me know if you’re joining in with the #readingthismonth #12booksin12months challenge! You know what they say, the more the merrier.

Anna xo


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