Favourite Christmas ornaments – #BLOGMAS Day 16

As you already know, I love my Christmas Tree and the ornaments hanging on it evoke numerous happy memories of holidays near and far, as well as memorable family moments. It is truly impossible to choose just one favourite bauble, so instead I’ve chosen favourites in three categories –  family firsts, travel treasures and fabulous finds.

Family Firsts

Hanging on my Christmas Tree every year without fail, you will find these, no matter what the tree’s colour scheme or scale. Some years, they may hide around the side or even at the back, but they are always there. They are favourites not for their appearance, but rather for what they represent. These are the baubles commemorating significant firsts in our little family:

  • our first Christmas as a married couple – 1990
  • our daughter’s first Christmas – 1997
  • our son’s first Christmas – 2000

Travel Treasures

Growing up, I watched the movie Little Women multiple times. It was a real treat to watch it on TV but it was years before I got to see it to the end. In the days before video players and with a strict bedtime, there were many occasions I was sent to bed without seeing the end. I adored it and read the book multiple times as well. It’s one of only a very few childhood books I still have sitting on my bookshelf. It stands to reason I also loved my 1999 visit to Orchard House, the home featured in the book and family home of the Alcotts. I do believe this may be worthy of its very own blog post in the future, but for now, let me just say it was the most wonderful immersive experience, an incredible holiday memory and remains the best tour I have ever done. It was as if I was actually there in the world of Louisa May Alcott, as the guide brought her stories to life. To my delight, this ornament has graced my Christmas Tree ever since, a beautiful reminder of both a childhood favourite and an incredible travel experience.

Fabulous Finds

It’s exceedingly difficult to find summer or beach-themed Christmas decorations. Having celebrated Christmas in Summer for all but a few years of my life, I am always on the lookout. I was rather excited to find these beautiful hand-painted seahorse glass ornaments, perfect for my colour scheme and a Summer Christmas near the beach. Three of these beauties were added to my tree this year.

What are your favourite Christmas Tree ornaments and what stories do they have to tell?

Anna xo

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