Five Senses of Christmas – #BLOGMAS Day 12

Visiting New York City the week before Christmas, our senses went into overload as we got into the Christmas Spirit. Festive decorations were displayed in every store, live pine trees for sale in the streets scented the air, carols could be heard everywhere and candy cane and cinnamon hot chocolates quickly became favourites. It felt like Christmas, but in a way we had never experienced it before. During a walking tour, we came across a “12 DAYS OF XMAS IN THE CITY’ neatly written on the sidewalk in coloured chalks. Passers-by were careful not to walk on it and many took photos. It was an act of kindness, a Christmas gift to the neighbourhood.

city 12 days

This was my inspiration for today’s Five Senses #BLOGMAS.


An Australian Twelve Days of Christmas

Twelve cicadas singing

Eleven prawns a-peeling

Ten surfers surfing

Nine wrappings rustling

Eight beaches bustling

Seven sunburns sizzling

Six Santas sweating

Five friends a chatting

Four footpaths flamingĀ 

Three mango munchers

Two* hot for cooking

Under one scorching Summer sun

[* Please note: I am aware this is incorrect usage of ‘two’ and should be ‘too’ but have chosen to exercise some poetic license.]

Anna xo


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